Practical Use of Hazard Assessment Data
Practical Use of Hazard Assessment Data (1998)-An RMP will consist of: the source’s registration; an executive summary that will provide a brief description of the source’s activities as they relate to covered processes and program elements; and data elements that address compliance with each of the rule elements (hazards assessment, prevention program, emergency response program and management system). RMP data should include information on (1) hazard assessment of toxic worst-case releases, toxic alternate releases, flammable worst-case releases, flammable alternate releases, 5-year accident history; (2) prevention programs including the status of process hazard analyses (PHAs), and some or all other elements of process safety management (i.e., operating procedures, training, maintenance, management of change, pre-startup review, compliance audits, incident investigation, evaluation of contractor safety performance) depending upon the Program Level, and (3) the emergency response plan (e.g., if emergency response plan is written, if the plan includes specific actions to be taken in response to an accidental release of a regulated substance, if the plan includes procedures for informing the public and local agencies responsible for responding to accidental responses, etc.).
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