How Piping Affects Safety Relief Valve Performance
How Piping Affects Safety Relief Valve Performance (1998)-This paper discusses the reduction in capacity of safety relief valves due to a pressure drop developed by flow in the inlet and outlet piping. Flaws in the present code formula for allowable lengths of relief valve discharge piping are discussed. The new methods being adopted in the ASHRAE-15 Standard for sizing relief valve discharge piping are detailed. Methods of estimating the effect of the three-way valve and inlet piping on the capacity of dual relief valve piping systems are derived. A variety of effects of these methods are illustrated for dual relief valves from six manufacturers. The effect of using oversized thee way valves is shown. A method of determining that the inlet piping pressure drop is less than the blowdown (i.e., the difference between the set pressure and the re-seating pressure) provides the designer with assurance that the operation of the relief valve will be stable. The need for more information on the individual characteristics of safety relief valves is discussed.
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