Ammonia Versus Refrigerant 22
Ammonia Versus Refrigerant 22 (1998)-It is difficult to establish rigid laws of design for industrial refrigeration, however, one can outline a few trends of this industry. When designing a new system, a designer should check out the following basic details: 1. Verify which system has the smallest capital cost and the smallest running costs. 2. Consider carefully before designing systems requiring refrigerant replacement within a few years. 3. In small systems, it is normally cheaper to design HFC or HCFCs, especially on medium or high temperatures if one can use direct expansion. In medium-sized systems, sometimes it is still cheaper to use HFCs because the efficiency difference of ammonia will not always amortize the investment in short enough time. In large systems, flooded or recirculated Industrial Refrigeration. 4. Always design with ammonia. (Cheaper investment. Cheaper to run. No oil management nightmares.)
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