6000 TR Ammonia Water Chilling System
6000 TR Ammonia Water Chilling System (1998)-The Louisiana State Capitol building was air-conditioned in the middle 1930’s, employing 100% outside air, and the air distribution system has remained the same over all these years due to space limitations. There is no room for a return air system. There were over 20 water chilling systems in other office buildings which have been built since the 1930’s in a campus-like setting on the banks of the Mississippi River. All of the systems employ CFC and HCFC refrigerants. Each independent system employed centrifugal or screw and/or reciprocating compressors purchased from various manufacturers. Maintenance had become costly and rental equipment had to be employed from time to time due to equipment breakdown. Some years prior to this project being funded, a detailed study of the air conditioning load for each building was completed. This study, along with some planned expansions, was used in the analysis required to establish the size of the central water chilling system. The final design was based on six 1200 TR systems with one chiller being a standby. Since the planned projects were some years away, only five 1200 TR systems were installed.
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