What Can We Learn From the Shreveport Ammonia Fire?
What Can We Learn From the Shreveport Ammonia Fire? (1998)-The March 1985 Fire Journal contained an article about the Dixie Cold Storage fire in Shreveport, LA. The article, written within a half year after the accident, provides unclear theories about the cause of the fire from a fire expert’s point of view, and little was learned from the incident. At the time of the article, legal proceedings were underway and all involved preferred not to distribute their experience. Some years later, I (by chance) met the refrigeration expert who was called to the site on the second day for investigation. He indicated that one stop valve was wrongly installed, with the stem downward. We can learn more from this accident! This paper is not intended to identify scapegoats, although there may have been several. People have suffered, tears have dried and much water has passed under the bridge since 1984. But we want to learn what happened in Shreveport and prevent these things from happening again. All of the material in this paper is secondary information collected from a distance over the years, which means that some items are speculative on the part of the author or are hearsay. However, speculative inferences are good enough to learn from if they can be related to similar situations. I will not get into discussions that blame or free other parties/persons.
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