Installation of Natural Gas Engine Driven Ammonia Compressor
Installation of Natural Gas Engine Driven Ammonia Compressors for Energy Savings (1999)-This paper will detail the actions taken to install two 800 hp natural gas engine drive ammonia screw compressors at the Miller Brewing Company brewery in Irwindale, California. The installation is a retrofit of an existing machine room that contained nine 700 hp electric drive screw compressors. The original installation was performed in 1978. Two of those compressors were dedicated to a 45-psig suction system and the remainder were installed on a 25-psig suction system, with one compressor able to swing to either suction level. The gas engines were equipped with California pollution control packages and were equipped with heat recovery to heat water used in the process. Natural gas has become an attractive alternate fuel for areas of the country where high electric demand charges are encountered. A brewery is a very energy-intensive facility with cooling required for incoming water, beer under fermentation, aging and finally, for packaging. Space cooling and dehumidification requirements are also quite large. Southern California can have peak power charges of fifteen times the normal power charges during summer daytime peak periods.
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