Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration Unit Provides Environmental
Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration Unit Provides Environmentally-Friendly Profits for an Oil Refinery (1999)-A waste heat-powered ammonia Absorption Refrigeration Unit (ARU) has completed the first year of operation at the Denver refinery of Ultramar Diamond Shamrock. The ARU provides 85 tons of refrigeration at -25°F to refrigerate reformer plant net gas and treat gas, thereby recovering 50,000 barrels per year of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) which formerly was flared or burned as fuel. The ARU is powered by 290°F waste heat from the reform reactor effluent. An additional 180 tons of refrigeration is available to de-bottleneck the Fluid Catalytic Cracker (FCC) plant by cooling the inlet vapor of the wet gas compressors. The ARU is directly integrated into the refinery processes, and uses enhanced, highly compact heat and mass exchangers. The refinery’s investment will pay back in less than two years from increased recovery of salable product, and C02 emissions are decreased by 10,000 tons per year in the Denver area. This project has been designated “Environmental Project of the Year” by the Association of Energy Engineers.
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