The Single Screw Compressor
The Single Screw Compressor (1999)-Single screw compressors have many design attributes, which make them ideal for a wide range of compressor applications. These attributes include a high degree of reliability and efficiency, demonstrated versatility and the ability to operate at high differential and discharge pressures. The geometry of the main screw results in balanced radial and axial forces and therefore low bearing loads. The gate rotors are independent assemblies within the housing which also operate with minimum bearing loads and maximum design flexibility. This allows the bearing systems to be designed for maximum reliability. The Parallex Slide System(TM) allows maximum operational flexibility while delivering optimum performance. Capacity control can range from 10% to 100% of full flow with compression ratios greater than 20:1. The dual slide arrangement also allows the compressor to start at 10% capacity at a volume ratio of one and operate efficiently at part load conditions. The single screw compressor has a proven history of economical and reliable service in the air compression, air conditioning, and refrigeration industries. Additionally, it is currently providing the same level of quality service for petrochemical and industrial process applications.
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