The Importance of Following Ammonia Refrigeration Piping Gui
The Importance of Following Ammonia Refrigeration Piping Guidelines (1999)-All of us in the IIAR realize that there are a number of different philosophies or "schools of thought" that are used in the design of systems. Some examples are liquid injection vs. thermosyphon oil cooling, liquid recirculation vs. control pressure receiver feed, mechanical pumps vs. gas pumping systems, etc. These differing philosophies are good for the ammonia refrigeration industry. They sometimes cause members to polarize themselves with others who share their beliefs, but claims made by the opposition help them to seek out the truth, even if it is only for purposes of discrediting the opposition. There are instances, however, where these divergent philosophies of design are not healthy. Our facility in the southern U.S. was influenced by several schools of thought in the field of refrigeration. Any one of these philosophies, on its own, would have worked well, but a plant created piecemeal by several different "authors" became a "Frankenstein" monster. The situation was as if one had 1/5 of their house painted each year, each time by a different painter, using a different type of paint, and employing a different color scheme.
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