Integration of PSM RMP Into a Typical Business
Integration of PSM/RMP Into a Typical Business (1999)-The Clean Air Act Reauthorization created a new environment for industry. In addition to consideration of the day to day releases of hazardous materials, it also mandated a focus on catastrophic releases, in particular, their prevention and mitigation. The mandates of the Clean Air Act Reauthorization are addressed by the OSHA’s Process Safety Management Program (PSM), and the EPA’s Risk Management Program (RMP). The PSM program focuses on the safety of the workers at an industrial site, while the RMP focuses on the offsite safety issues. Both of these programs (PSM & RMP) require industry to take a proactive approach to the prevention and mitigation of catastrophic releases. In particular, the PSM program and RMP-prevention program involve fourteen elements. These elements are more effect-oriented than prescriptive, leaving the details for implementation and integration up to the owner/manager of the facility. Some of the elements require the facility owner to timely address recommendations for changes, while others require planning and training for adverse situations. This paper looks at the integration of these elements with respect to a typical business.
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