Application of Ice Slurry/TES Technology to Supermarkets Usi
Application of Ice Slurry/TES Technology to Supermarkets Using Ammonia Refrigeration (1999)-By using the Ice Slurry TES System in a Supermarket Application, we can achieve the following benefits to the Owner: 1. By switching to a secondary refrigerant (Ice Slurry) we eliminate approximately 75 % of the refrigerant inside the Store. All the WAC loads, High and Medium Temperature Display cases will utilize the Ice Slurry or Chilled Glycol as the Cooling Medium. The only Refrigerant required inside the Store would be in the Low Temperature Display Cases. 2. By using Ammonia as the primary Refrigerant we accomplish converting to an Environmentally friendly Refigerant. 3. In Electricity use, we are able to achieve a 49 % reduction in operating Costs. 4. In overall Financial terms we are able to obtain a 22 % reduction in Cost of Ownership or 10 Year Lifecycle Cost. This translates into net savings of $216,500 over a 10 year period.
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