Oil in Ammonia Refrigeration Plants
Oil in Ammonia Refrigeration Plants (1999)-There has been an increasing concern about the deteriorating performance of “standard” refrigeration mineral oils, particularly in ammonia plants. Considerable investigation has revealed a number of very real problems, which are detrimental to the refrigerating plant and equipment. A number of procedures have been developed to help contractors and users identify the problems and then rectify them. At least one major compressor manufacturer has found it necessary to develop their “own brand” of lubricating oils to secure the quality that is necessary for modern refrigerating plants. It has been identified that many plant operators and service agents do not properly monitor and maintain their refrigerating systems or equipment. The information presented in this paper is designed to inform owners, operators and service agents about the problems that have been seen - and some of the possible solutions. Many of them are self evident, yet they are seldom implemented. The recommendations made in this paper are designed to achieve precisely this result.
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