Two-Phase Flow Behavior in Pipes, Valves and Fittings
Two-Phase Flow Behavior in Pipes, Valves and Fittings (2000)-The prediction of two-phase flow pressure drop during the design of piping systems for industrial plants (e.g., refrigeration, power, and petrochemical plants), can be associated with a high degree of uncertainty. The simplifications that lead to a solution in single phase flow, such as averaging the velocity over pipe diameter, are generally not applicable to two-phase flow. Attempts to obtain purely analytical correlations, (e.g., deriving them from the conservation equations), for the calculation of pressure drops have failed so far. Most of the correlations are thus purely empirical, and their agreement, if any, is strictly limited to the range of data from which they were derived. The selection of an appropriate correlation for a specific design problem cannot be done by means of design charts; the ranges of the major parameters that characterize the flow must be identified. The difficulties associated with the design of two-phase flow piping are not limited to identifying a correlation for the calculation of pressure losses, but also includes understanding the unique physical behavior of the two phases as they interact.
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