Refrigeration and Controlled Atmosphere
Refrigeration and Controlled Atmosphere (2001)-Following the harvest when contemplating what is best for their produce, growers have to decide what temperature, C02 and 02 levels should be used to allow maximum storage time while producing the best quality produce. The primary concerns during storage are produce performance and length of storage. The most important aspect is the control system, which evaluates the condition of the stored products. Two independent control systems are used for cooling technology and controlled atmosphere (CA) technology. Their control algorithms have no relation to the quality, maturity, storage, etc., of the produce in the cold room. Hence it is in the interest of the grower to know the behavior of the products during this time in order to guarantee longterm storage for supermarkets or wholesalers. Last year I observed the first claim to guaranteeing long-term storage. Supermarket globalization could lead to a demand for long-term storage capabilities. Conversely, with guarantees from contracting companies long-term storage could be a competitive advantage in the future. In order to guarantee produce storage, there are multiple parameters and information to process and evaluate. This information should include meteorological, nutritional, and biological behavior or respiration activity during storage time. Standard measurements of temperatures, pressures, and concentrations of the daily-required C02 volume, water, ethylene volume, and so on are also required. These parameters along with newly tested technologies, including gas adsorption, gas concentration, and sensors, make it possible to guarantee long-term storage.
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