NH3/H20 Absorption Refrigeration Plant for Large Capacities
NH3/H20 Absorption Refrigeration Plant for Large Capacities (2001)-Generally, refrigeration is generated by using compression-type refrigeration plants that are driven by electric power. However, other processes like absorption type refrigeration plants may also be applied. Unlike the compression refrigeration process, in an absorption type refrigeration plant the refrigerant vapor is not compressed mechanically but absorbed in the absorber by a suitable liquid (absorbent, multi-component mixture) and compressed in the liquid phase. Subsequently, the coolant is desorbed again from the solution by the supply of heat, and can then be condensed in the condenser like in a compression-type refrigeration plant. The system consists of a chain of heat exchangers connected in series. The electrical energy required for driving the solution pumps is only a small percent of the mechanical driving energy required for comparable, compression-type refrigeration plants.
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