Refrigeration Systems in Supermarkets with Utilization Of Am
Refrigeration Systems in Supermarkets with Utilization Of Ammonia (2001)-This article describes the operation of refrigeration systems in supermarkets utilizing ammonia as a primary refrigerant and an intermediary fluid for the distribution of “cold” into the display counters and the cooling chambers. The article outlines the technical and economical advantages and disadvantages compared with traditional R-22 direct expansion installations. These ammonia installations were initially designed to reduce the amount of frigorigenous fluid in the installation. With the careful elaboration of ventilation systems in the machine room, the use of ammonia has become possible. An ammonia system is now a technically and economically feasible alternative for supermarkets systems that use halogenous gases. Based on several installations operating in Brazil, this article discusses the evolution of ammonia installation, which eliminates defrosting routines in medium temperature circuits. The main objective in designing these ammonia installations is to maintain proper product conditioning in extremely stable, low temperature circuits with energy performance similar to a direct expansion system.
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