Overpressurized System Components, Hydrostatic Expansion, an
Overpressurized System Components, Hydrostatic Expansion, and Hydraulic Shock (2002)-Hydraulic shock or liquid hammer results when liquid moving at high velocily through a pipe is suddenly stopped, creating very high pressure. An IIAR Bulletin and previous IIAR technical papers have provided insight into the mechanism causing condensation-induced shock (CIS) with some suggested solutions and precautions. Based on recent experience with CIS, this is a much larger problem than originally perceived. Serious failures apparently caused by CIS have had large economic losses. The author has witnessed several instances of repeated CIS in ammonia systems where the engineers and/or operators did not seem to understand the cause or solution. Based on these recent experiences, design details to reduce or eliminate the risk of CIS have been developed. Some of the modifications made that have eliminated CIS are described here.
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