Requalification and Continued Service Evaluation of Refriger
Requalification and Continued Service Evaluation of Refrigerant Pressure Vessels, Containers and Heat Exchangers (2002)-For safety reasons, when activating pressure vessels originally designed for refrigerant service in new applications, it is important to recertify them properly. This paper focuses on pressure vessels such as receivers, separators, evaporators, and condensers rated by any of the following recognized organizations: CRN, ASME, or API. Emphasis is placed on the specific requirements for “R Stamp” vessel certification. Significant care and attention to detail are required to ensure the continued safe operation of repaired pressure vessels and containers. Non-destructive tests and repair procedures are addressed, in addition to requirements for removal from service with guidance from the applicable regulations. Inspection procedures for plant maintenance organizations concerning ammonia refrigeration equipment are also addressed.
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