Ammonia/C02 Cascade System in a Large Freeze-Drying Plant: L
Ammonia/C02 Cascade System in a Large Freeze-Drying Plant: Lessons Learned During Installation and Commissioning (2003)-For most installations, project managers are faced with difficult choices: “Good, Fast, Inexpensive: Choose Two.” In response to this challenge, one company employs a rigorous quality control assessment, known as a “Technical Installation Risk Analysis” (TIRA). In a TlRA exercise, the project manager assesses the risks involved with ensuring the quality of an installation while addressing practical installation issues. TlRA is highly focused on the plant’s reliability and longevity This paper describes the TIRA exercise as it was performed on a large cascade project, highlighting the difficulties encountered during installation and commissioning as well as the lessons learned. This installation has now been running successfully for more than two years.
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