Ammonia Leak Detection in Refrigeration Systems
Ammonia Leak Detection in Refrigeration Systems (2004)-Codes and standards require that ammonia refrigeration systems be monitored for leaks. Various technologies can detect ammonia, including electrochemical, infrared, solid state, polymer thin-film capacitive, and charge carrier injection, and these all have unique strengths and weaknesses. Recognizing that refrigerated areas can present challenging operating conditions to ammonia sensors, end users must be careful to choose the appropriate technology to suit their particular application. Changing temperatures and humidity levels in the application/process will sometimes affect the ammonia level or the lifetime of the sensor. Other gases and odors plant may cause the sensor to respond and can lead to unnecessaly and costly false alarms. How can end users decide what to do? The paper will review the pros and cons of each technology, and discuss factors that influence sensor effectiveness and sensitivity
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