Operating Prodecures and Training
Operating Prodecures and Training (2004)-It can be very difficult to maintain a good balance between simplici@ and thoroughness in standard operating procedures (SOP) descriptions, and in operator training as well. Sometimes, SOPs can end up so simple that they are dangerous to the inexperienced operator, or alternatively, so thorough that they aren’t practical for use. This paper provides insight into the development and practical application of SOPS and the operator training programs. The paper adopts a novel approach in which operating procedures are discussed from four viewpoints: a consultant, a contractor, an end user, and a regulatory auditor. The paper reviews techniques to reduce costs, increase safety, streamline operations, and help improve the retention of operators. The paper also provides suggestions on what the content of SOPS should be, including recommendations on levels of operational precision, what should be included, and what should not be included. The discussion of SOPs segues naturally into a discussion of training topics. Finally, the paper provides practical recommendations on how, when, where, who, and how much to train that attendees can implement immediately.
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