Making the Most of a VFD-Equipped Evaporative Condenser
Making the Most of a VFD-Equipped Evaporative Condenser (2005)-Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) have gained notoriety in the refrigeration industry over the last several years. However, it remains difficult to locate practical information with regard to the real-world efficiency benefits of and operational considerations for these drives as they are applied in refrigeration systems. This paper attempts to bridge the gap between the theoretical and real-world application of VFDs on evaporative condensers by discussing the optimization of a plant’s condenser cooling capacity and energy use. The paper first outlines how the effectiveness of VFDs at reducing operating costs depends on both system load and the underlying control strategy. The paper then proceeds to analyze all of the potential direct and indirect benefits of employing VFDs on evaporative condensers. Through this analysis, the feasibility of retrofitting older systems from simplistic start/stop fan operation to VFD control is considered.
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