Machinery Room Ventilation for Industrial Refrigeration Syst
Machinery Room Ventilation for Industrial Refrigeration Systems: A Rational Engineering Analysis (2005)-Machinery room ventilation has long been recognized as one of the most important safety options available for ammonia refrigeration systems. This paper reviews current requirements for ventilation, discusses the basis for a rational engineering analysis of ventilation requirements, and assesses whether current requirements meet actual needs. First, the purpose of ventilation is discussed and compared to the criteria used to establish ventilation requirements over the past hundred years. Second, the paper reviews the history and evolution of current code requirements in the U.S. Third, the paper identifies the risks that the ventilation system should mitigate, including probability of particular incidents occurring, the resulting consequences, and design parameters that influence this risk. Finally, the paper defines the function and proper modes of ventilation operation, and makes recommendations on improving the current requirements.
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