Ammonia Refrigeration Management: Fine Tuning the People Mac
Ammonia Refrigeration Management: Fine Tuning the People Machine (2006)-Each year the industry spends millions of dollars attempting to fine-tune ammonia refrigeration equipment. Vibration analysis, rebuilds, oil changes, and temperature adjustments are just a few examples. However, personnel issues such as labor disputes, personal problems, adverse working conditions, lack of perceived importance and mental health may potentially affect the safety and performance of ammonia refrigeration systems as well. In fact, it can be argued that the ammonia refrigeration operator is the single greatest contributing factor to system performance. In past years, refrigeration engineers took great ownership of the systems they operated. This culture not only reaped improved system performance and reliability, but cost savings as well. With rising energy costs, these potential savings can only increase. This paper shares real-life examples and philosophies to motivate employees, including the steps to achieve the ultimate goal of employee ownership of your ammonia refrigeration system.
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