The Joy of Ammonia Pump-Out Systems
The Joy of Ammonia Pump-Out Systems (2006)-The Nestle Prepared Foods Division facility in Springville, Utah has over 225,000 pounds of anhydrous ammonia in its refrigeration system. Over the years, this plant has undergone extensive modifications. Under normal circumstances, the transfer and pump-out of the ammonia prior to these modifications would entail lengthy downtimes resulting in loss of production and significant costs. This plant, however, has a plant-wide pump-out system that enables rapid pump-outs prior to system modifications. This paper explores the use of the ammonia pump-out system from an end user?s perspective. It reviews the history of the pump-out system including the logic used to justify the installation of the system and the costs associated with the system. Plant personnel also describe their many uses of the pump-out system emphasizing the flexibility it provides.
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