Best Practices in the Design, Construction, and Management
Best Practices in the Design, Construction, and Management of Refrigerated Storage Facilities (2006)-Refrigerated storage facility design involves a variety of tasks, including planning, financing, site selection, architectural and structural design, refrigeration system design, equipment selection and installation, construction, inspection and maintenance. In addition, considerations of building and safety codes, efficient operation, and cost effectiveness make the design procedure more complex. This paper deals with a number of these issues as well as current, established trends in refrigerated facility design. Facility specifications are discussed, including storage conditions, storage capacity, storage arrangements, facility configuration and layout, location, and site planning. Basic information is presented on the design of refrigerated storage facility structures, including the design of support structures, walls, roofs, floors, doors and docks. Particular attention is given to the design of insulation and vapor retarders, including the roof/wall junction, as well as the foundation, floor heating systems and door types, sizes and seals. A discussion of refrigerated storage facility management is also presented, including commissioning and training, inspection and maintenance, life cycle costing, and energy strategies.
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