Comprehensive, System-wide Approach to Refrigeration Equipme
Comprehensive, System-wide Approach to Refrigeration Equipment Control for Maximum Energy Efficiency (2007)-Microprocessor control technology originally replaced electro-mechanical and solid-state programmable logic controller (PLC) devices, but did not take full advantage of data processing power. The first generation simply sought to capture and provide historical operating data to aid diagnostics and improved equipment operation. The next generation greatly advanced refrigeration energy efficiency, primarily at the individual equipment level. Examples include, improved staging of multiple compressors, evaporator fan cycling, floating condenser and suction pressure control, defrost frequency reduction methods (e.g., liquid runtime, delta-T across the coil), and variable frequency drive motor control on compressors, condenser and evaporator fans. Today?s computer control technology delivers even higher energy efficiencies by employing a whole-system approach to individual refrigeration equipment operation. These efficiency improvements are made possible by the continuous monitoring of plant operating conditions and energy use, combined with a "Resource/Demand" perspective on refrigeration systems. This paper will detail different plant-wide management control methods and their benefits over the individual equipment control approach.
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