High-Rise Warehouses: A Growing Trend for Controlled-Pressur
High-Rise Warehouses: A Growing Trend for Controlled-Pressure Receiver Systems (2007)-Today’s refrigerated warehouses are growing “up” instead of “out” due to new warehouse technologies and for economic reasons. This paper will demonstrate that Controlled Pressure Receiver (CPR) overfeed systems coupled with modern controls have superior features which enhance the ability to properly feed liquid to evaporators. CPR systems cost less to build, operate and maintain than a mechanically pumped overfeed system. CPR systems use “free” gas energy from various parts of the system to feed liquid to evaporators located on 70 foot high roofs and as far away as 1,500 feet from the engine room. In addition to performing mechanical work, flash gas can also be used to perform thermal work throughout the system. Finally, CPR systems can easily identify excessive overfeed rates by tracking the number of transfer cycles, a problem that wastes compressor capacity by raising suction line pressure drop.
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