Calculating Freezing Times in Blast and Plate Freezers
Calculating Freezing Times in Blast and Plate Freezers (2009)-Recent experiences using carbon dioxide have shown remarkable improvements in freezing times. Close analysis of the freezing process has shown that this improvement is a result of the elimination of hindrances which handicap traditional freezer designs such as high suction line pressure drops, intolerance of off-design operation and internal fouling. The paper presents several methods of modeling the freezing process which can be used in a simple spreadsheet, and which help to explain the benefits which can be gained by using a correctly designed system with carbon dioxide as the refrigerant. The paper will provide an explanation of the theory behind the freezing process and will convert this into a methodology which can be implemented in a standard spreadsheet. For more advanced users the option of automating the spreadsheet by using macro programs will be explained.
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