Ice Rink Case Study: Comparing a Transcritical CO2 Direct Sy
Ice Rink Case Study: Comparing a Transcritical CO2 Direct System Against an Ammonia Heat Recovery System (2013)-The re-emergence of Carbon Dioxide as a refrigerant provides another alternative for ice rink refrigeration systems. This is a natural extension of Transcritical supermarkets which are gaining popularity in Europe. When operated transcritically, carbon dioxide can take advantage of the waste heat in the refrigeration process as it has very high discharge temperatures. This heat can offset the energy required for building heating applications. This technical paper will present the results of a case study which compares the energy consumption of three types of refrigeration systems; a basic ammonia refrigeration system with no heat recovery, an Ammonia heat-recovery system, and a Carbon Dioxide Transcritical heat recovery system. In each case, the operation of the refrigeration system will be optimized based on ambient conditions. The analysis will calculate the energy required to refrigerate the ice sheet, and will calculate the energy required to heat the building after the waste heat from the refrigeration process is recovered. And finally, this comparison will be done for multiple cities in North America, which represent a diverse cross section of annual ambient conditions.
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