Energy efficiency improvement strategies of ammonia-based re
Energy efficiency improvement strategies of ammonia-based refrigeration system used in indoor snow dome (2015)-With reference to the design and operation of an indoor snow dome, many factors should be considered including the requirement of human body comfort, the quality of snow, energy saving operation and so on. As we know, the refrigeration system consumes most of the energy in an indoor snow dome and ammonia-based refrigeration systems are widely used in indoor snow domes. Therefore, the objective of this paper is to discuss the energy consumption and energy efficiency improvement strategies for ammonia-based refrigeration systems used in snow domes. First, it introduces four kinds of snowmaking methods and the principles of ammonia-based refrigeration systems used in the indoor snow domes. Second, it provides the refrigeration load and energy consumption of each system in a specified situation, followed by a discussion of different energy efficiency technologies: heat recovery technology and its application and thermal storage in snow base. Finally, a practical engineering example is given to show how to apply these energy efficiency strategies comprehensively to such aspects as energy efficiency, operation possibility, safety and economic viability. Keywords: indoor snow dome, ammonia-based refrigeration system, energy efficiency.
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