Comparing Evaporative and Air-Cooled Condensing in Ammonia a
Comparing Evaporative and Air-Cooled Condensing in Ammonia and HFC-507 Refrigeration Systems (2016)-Ammonia is the ideal industrial refrigerant, with high efficiency and broad utilization in industry and attractive environmental properties. Use of air-cooled ammonia systems is uncommon, though; almost all ammonia systems use evaporative condensers based on past practice and assumptions concerning efficiency and system performance. However, efficient use of air-cooled condensing could allow the benefits of ammonia to be realized more widely. As a follow-on to a previous IIAR paper, “Comparing Evaporative and Air Cooled Condensing for Ammonia Systems” (Scott 2014), this paper compares energy and operating costs of ammonia and hydrofluorocarbon HFC-507 refrigerants using evaporative and air-cooled condensing applied to similar refrigeration systems for refrigerated warehouses in 11 U.S. cities.
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