Expanding the Use of Ammonia Refrigeration
Expanding the Use of Ammonia Refrigeration (2016)-Today’s world is putting new demands on refrigeration systems. Environmental concerns are driving regulatory changes, creating uncertainty around the use of synthetic refrigerants. Public awareness of the environmental impact of refrigeration is also higher. New technology offers new capabilities and options for refrigeration system design, presenting opportunities to use ammonia in applications and markets where it has not been used in the past. This technical paper describes how ammonia can become a significant refrigerant in new markets, including the commercial arena. The paper will œ Summarize regulatory factors affecting refrigerant selection, including the total equivalent warming index (TEWI); œ Summarize technology now available that makes ammonia refrigeration feasible in new applications; œ Present potential new applications and markets for ammonia refrigeration, including a case study of a recent ammonia/CO2 cascade system installed at a retail grocery market; and œ Suggest steps the industry can take to support these new applications. Ammonia can become a more widely used refrigerant and serve markets in applications where it has not been traditionally used. This will take a change in thinking about how to use the refrigerant and how to design safe and effective systems. In taking this step, the commercial sector has some lessons for the industrial sector on making refrigeration systems user friendly and cost effective.
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