Operating Conditioners and Motor/Compressor Selections- Keys

Operating Conditioners and Motor/Compressor Selections- Keys to Energy Savings in Refrigeration Systems (1980)-We all keep hearing the same old "song and dance" about operating conditions. "Keep your head pressure down, keep your suction temperature up, hold your superheat down, design for adequate subcooling, select compressors to match load and keep them loaded, use high efficiency motors and keep the power factor up" and so on and so on; but nobody stops to relate just what effect all of this really has on operating costs and how it relates to first cost. What we'd like to do is provide a few brief examples of the effect of operating conditions on energy consumptions, provide a few "rules of thumb" for future analysis and, hopefully, provide enough "food for thought" to consider energy along with purchase price the next time we design a refrigeration system.
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