Technical Paper Compendium - Low Charge Applicat (Hard Copy)
Each year, industrial refrigeration professionals gather from around the world at the annual IIAR Industrial Refrigeration Conference & Exhibition. Industry Experts present technical papers at this event. Rigorously peer reviewed, these papers represent the best ideas from the best minds in the field of industrial refrigeration. This compendium bundles together a collection of IIAR Technical Papers dealing with the topic of Low Charge Applications. 1. Packaged Ammonia Rooftop or Outdoor Refrigeration Systems 2. Low Charge Ammonia Shell & Tube Chillers: A Comparison of Flooded, Recirculated and Spray Chillers 3. Modern Screw Compressors Applied to Liquid Chillers Using Ammonia as Refrigerant 4. Safety Aspects on Packaged Ammonia Water Chillers and Installation Experiences in Connection with Ammonia Water Chillers in Public Buildings 5. Design Considerations for a Low-Charge, Central Ammonia Refrigeration System Retorfit of an Existing Cold Storage Warehouse 6. Comparing R-134a Chillers versus Packaged Ammonia Chillers for Air-Conditioning Applications 7. Low-Charge Ammonia Plants: Why Bother? 8. Natural Refrigerant Applications in North American Supermarkets 9. Application of Micro-channel Heat Exchangers to Compact Ammonia Systems 10. Charge Minimization 11. Application of Ammonia in US Supermarkets 12. Refrigerant Charge Reduction: Strategies and Results in Building Ultra Low Charged Ammonia Systems 13. Operating Experiences with NH3 Dry Expansion Systems Servicing Refrigerated Distribution Centers 14. Regulatory & Code Implications for Low Charge Ammonia Systems
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