Technical Paper Compendium - Defrost (Digital)
Each year, industrial refrigeration professionals gather from around the world at the annual IIAR Industrial Refrigeration Conference & Exhibition. Industry Experts present technical papers at this event. Rigorously peer reviewed, these papers represent the best ideas from the best minds in the field of industrial refrigeration. This compendium bundles together IIAR Technical Papers dealing with the topic of Defrost. 1. Frozen Foods Warehouse Air Unit Defrosting with Inverted Bucket Traps 2.Hot Gas Defrost A One, A More, A Time 3. Hot Gas Defrost Systems for Large Evaporators in Ammonia Liquid Overfeed Systems 4. Defrosting Evaporators with Water 5. Demand Defrost … Does it Work? 6. Evaporator Arrangements for Large Scale Cool and Cold Storage Applications 7. Hot Gas Defrost on Recirculated Air Units
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