Natural Refrigeration Foundation (NRF)
Board of Directors


Pictured Left to Right:
Top Row: Joe Mandato, Don Fetzer
Middle Row: Mark Stencel, Gary Schrift, Dave Schaefer
Bottom Row: Jacqueline Kirkman
Not Pictured: Quinn Vo, John Payne, Eric Johnston
Dave Schaefer, NRF Chairman
IIAR Immediate Past Chairman
Bassett Mechanical

Eric Johnston, NRF Secretary
IIAR Chairman
American Foods Group

John Payne, NRF Treasurer
Director-at-Large, Board of Trustees
Refrigeration Design and Service, Inc.

Don Fetzer, NRF Director-at-Large
IIAR General Membership, Board of Trustees
Baltimore Aircoil Company, Inc.

Joseph A. Mandato, Jr., NRF Director-at-Large
NRF Board of Trustees Chairman, Board of Trustees
EVAPCO, Inc., Ret.
Quinn Vo, NRF Director-at-Large

IIAR General Membership, Board of Trustees
Mayekawa U.S.A., Inc.

Jacqueline Kirkman, NRF Director-at-Large
IIAR Board Member
Cargill Meat Solutions, Corp.

Mark Stencel, IIAR Education Committee Chair
IIAR Ex-officio Board Member
Bassett Mechanical, Inc.

Wayne Wehber, IIAR Research Committee Chair
IIAR Board Member
Vilter Manufacturing, LLC

Gary Schrift, IIAR President