IIAR Daily Inspection Webinar

On November 17
th, 2015 Tony Lundell Director of Standards and Safety at IIAR presented “Pressure Vessel Replacements Considerations”, a 12 step question and answer webinar to help identify the most important questions you should ask when considering pressure vessel replacement.  These 12 questions and answers were intended to be a good start when choosing your pressure vessel replacement and can better help you communicate with a manufacturer to ensure the most integrity for the least cost in the long run. The webinar also included detailed pictures of pressure vessels to help illustrate common issues and possible solutions in pressure vessel replacement.

The purpose of this webinar was to identify vital information to consider when indeed it is time to replace pressure vessels. Tony explored the top twelve considerations in depth covering everything from, how long a replacement vessel should operate safely once installed, to whether or not the pressure vessel needs to be insulated.

“The twelve questions are a good start for considerations leading to further questions as needed on a case-by-case basis when replacing a pressure vessel” says Tony. “The most critical of all is to ensure your pressure, temperature, and capacity is adequate for your replacement vessel that meets or exceeds what the current vessel has handled or what the replacement needs to handle in the short range and/or long range for a safe design." 

The information in this webinar is supported by the information in the newly revised IIAR-2 Standard. This previously recorded webinar “Pressure Vessel Replacements Considerations"s is available to all IIAR member through our website in the exclusive members only section. Just sign in to the iiar website, go to Members Only, Member Webinars, IIAR Daily Inspection: Pressure Vessel Replacement Considerations