Do you have an excellent research project idea?

The IIAR Research Committee is now accepting applications for new natural refrigeration research projects.  With a simple one page, online form, you can easily submit your ideas for consideration.

Your form will be reviewed by the IIAR Research Committee Chair along with a sub-committee dedicated to the selection of appropriate projects.  Ideas should address areas that if analyzed, tested, or studied, would benefit the organization and the natural refrigeration industry in some manner.  The research committee is looking for practical solutions and answers in many categories including safety and efficiency as well as system design and operational practices.

Two research projects are currently underway:

  • The Investigation of Entrance Effects on Two-Phase Flow in Vertical Suction Risers
  • Optimum Pipe Sizing

Research projects being considered for funding include:

  • Installation Guidelines for Insulation
  • Modeling of an Ammonia Leak to Determine Ammonia Gas Monitor Locations
  • Operating system Challenges in Cold Temperatures

There is no limit to how many projects the industry can take on.  The funding for all approved IIAR Research Committee projects comes from the Ammonia Refrigeration Foundation.

The NRF board of directors working with the IIAR Research and Education Committees has been very active in developing new programs and procedures to support the mission and objectives of the foundation. Marcos Braz, Chairman of the NRF is extending an invitation to all IIAR members to review this new information and to support the mission of the NRF Foundation. Please access the link provided for more information on how you can support these programs and give back to our industry.  Memo from the NRF Chairman.

For a complete list of Research Committee Members click here.

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