Experimental Evaluation of Propane, Propylene and HFC438A as
Experimental Evaluation of Propane, Propylene and HFC438A as Drop-in Replacements for an R22 System (2015)-This paper describes an experimental investigation of the application of hydrocarbons propane and propylene as well as HFC438A as drop-in replacements for R22 in a 15 kW refrigeration system. The experimental system was composed basically of a semi hermetic compressor operated by a frequency inverter, tube in tube heat exchangers and an electronic expansion valve. The tests were performed by replacing the refrigerant without changing any components, not even the lubricant oil, as typical in a drop-in process. The main parameters were varied to verify the range and performance of each refrigerant and then compared to the reference, R22. The natural refrigerants presented the best coefficient of performance•COP•while HFC438A yielded the worst performance, below that of R22. Using TEWI as a benchmark for environmental impact, propane and propylene presented the best results while HFC438A had the worst impact. Keywords: R22, R290, R1270, R438A, Drop-in, COP, TEWI.
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