Memo to all IIAR Members,

I am reaching out to you today to share important and exciting news about IIAR’s research and education foundation, the Ammonia Refrigeration Foundation (ARF), and to ask for your engagement in the ARF’s work which directly benefits our IIAR membership and industry.

As most of you hopefully know, the ARF mission is to fund and provide research which directly benefits our industry, and to provide college level scholarships aimed at attracting talented young individuals to our industry. The ARF was created by IIAR in 2006, and solely through the support of IIAR members like you, it has grown our endowment to $2 million. I am very pleased to report that in addition to the respectable list of research project and scholarship funding  we have achieved over this period, we have also implemented fundamental structural improvements which will yield even greater relevance in future research as well as better engagement with future scholarship awardees. In order to properly fund the many planned initiatives and to establish a sustainable endowment which supports future growth, we have set a goal to grow the endowment to $3.5 million by 2018. This will allow a steady stream of research projects and scholarship awards funded by investment income, while preserving the principal of the endowment to fund future initiatives.

In order to position the ARF properly for this significant growth, we engaged with a fundraising consultant in July 2015 to review our operations, our structure, and our fundraising capacity and to make recommendations which will allow us to achieve our growth objectives in a timely manner. Earlier this month, our consultant delivered a comprehensive report which clearly outlined an action path for ARF to better reach and engage our membership, and apply our talents and resources towards the promising future ahead of us all.

The fundraising consultant’s assessment showed where ARF is shining and highlighted our many strengths, but as expected, it also clearly outlined many areas of opportunity for improvement. This assessment was based on a thorough review of ARF operations, finances and structure; as well as interviews with a broad cross-section of IIAR membership. Some of the note-worthy “take-aways” from the interviews were that while most of the IIAR membership felt very positive about ARF; the majority of our members believe that ARF has not clearly communicated its mission (70%), and that it is difficult to get involved in ARF (60%).

In an effort to respond to the challenges and opportunities presented in this professional assessment report, the ARF will be dedicating time and effort to creating a strategic plan to fully exploit and enhance our strengths as well as address and demonstrate improvement in our areas of opportunity.

I urge you to visit the newly revamped IIAR website (www.iiar.org) and click the ARF link, or go directly to the ARF website (www.nh3foundation.org). Please take a look to learn about our mission, our contributors and our ongoing research and scholarships programs. It is so important, to you and to our industry, that you learn and fully understand where we are and what is being done!

It has never been so easy to get involved and to be recognized for your contribution, as ARF aims to increase our refrigeration industry research and scholarship activities.

We are reaching to our members like you to spread the word about ARF’s good work, and to ask for your involvement and participation in our future objectives. We also ask for your tax deductible contribution.  A contribution of any amount is very welcome. Rest assured it will be applied within the strict guidelines of our ARF mission. Our members are our strength and your donation will support our efforts at the IIAR Education and Research Committees to positively impact our industry.

Most important of all is that our Ammonia Refrigeration Foundation is highly cherished by our IIAR members, as we transform their donations to directly and positively impact the future of our industry.

Thank you,

Marcos Braz

ARF Chairman