Demystifying the Hazards of Ammonia
How to effectively prevent or stop emergency events

Wednesday, March 21st, 2018
1:30 PM - 4:00 PM
The Broadmoor Hotel - Colorado Springs, CO
Colorado Hall DE
The Ammonia Safety Training Institute in cooperation with the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration have worked together to prepare an ammonia safety program at the 2018 IIAR Natural Refrigeration Conference & Expo.  This program will include roughly 3 hours of training - 30 minutes of classroom training with a 2.5 hour demonstration using live ammonia in a command team scenario.  This program is intended to demystify the hazards of ammonia and address the challenges of managing ammonia refrigeration systems so that emergency events are prevented or stopped small.

Program Objectives: 

  1. Understand the hazards, risks, and threats of ammonia for refrigeration operators and first responders during high risk operations and industrial refrigeration emergency events
  2. Understand the protection factors for a variety of personal protective equipment (PPE) available to refrigeration operators and first responders
  3. Understand the value of ammonia monitoring when judging the risk versus benefit decisions needed to determine life-safety and emergency shutdown operations
  4. Dispel myths related to ammonia that hamper effective and timely emergency response
  5. Prove the benefit and value of an industrial command team to engage critical steps to establish command
  6. Assure that a reliable level of cooperation and pre-arranged operations between public safety and the Plant command team exists.
Attendees will work within command teams of four people.  No special skills are required.  The command teams are comprised of the Plant IC, Lead Responder, Notification Unit Leader and Evacuation Group Supervisor.
All who volunteer will be trained, however, only one team will be used during the actual simulation. You may create and register your own company command team or you can register as an individual to be paired with other individual registrants on the day of the event.  Session handouts will be distributed.

Who should attend:
Anyone with an interest in ammonia refrigeration safety.  Manufacturers, contractors and engineers will get a better understanding of end user concerns and first responder safety issues.  End users can use the event to bolster teamwork and safety at their facilities and first responders can work to communicate with the end user community.

This is a fantastic team building exercise!

You must be a fully registered attendee of the 2018 IIAR Natural Refrigeration Conference & Expo in order to attend this event.
Please note that there will be a live release of ammonia at this event.  Comfortable shoes and clothing are a must. You will be required to sign a health waiver prior to your participation. If you have any special needs please communicate them to the event organizer prior to the event, we will accommodate as best we can.  Please send questions directly to