2019 Requested Paper Topics

IIAR Committees and members have requested presentations on the following topics for the 2016 IIAR Industrial Refrigeration Conference & Exhibition.

  • DX and/or Low Charge Ammonia Case Studies
  • Oil Management in CO2 Systems
  • Hot Gas Defrost Costs 1) Parameters affecting total cost of defrosting 2) Economic analysis of desiccant dehumidifiers in the anteroom including safety & production benefits
  • Test the efficiency/energy consumption of various arrangements of control valve groups  on evaporators
  • Pipe & Vessel Inspection Criteria 1) Which area are most critical for NDT?  2) Insulation? 3) How to judge useful life?
  • Establishing dialog / communication with Fire Service
  • What to show fire-fighters /EMT’s in refrigeration plants
  • Requirements of Emergency Action vs. Emergency Response
  • Developing confidence with your team in event of emergency 1) Do live training? Drills? Scenarios in the field? 2) Are Haz Mat teams really trained and maintained? 3) No team (outside response) 4) Full team in house 5) Hybrid team
  • Verifying Adequacy of Training  1) Best practices and verifying training 2) Hands on vs. test vs. verbal instruction 3) Perform different types of training vs. classroom only 4) Q & A with classroom training is least effective 5) How to make training effective with all sorts of people
  • What Managers can look for during Plant Walk-through 1) Training for corporate managers on what to look for, Plant Mgs. 2) On Boarding Procedures for new Plant Managers with NH 3) Production Managers, Engineers, Executives  to Higher level
  • Codes / Regulations from a Global basis (NH3 and other refrigerants)
  • Best practices managing OSHA NEP inspections
  • US Government Strategy - Relationship / structure of Government & IIAR organizations. (Political influences) or Government, IIAR, industry and “How they all fit together”
  • Regulatory considerations for small charge systems. How is the regulatory burden impacted by installing low charge systems?
  • Future Refrigerant Choices
  • Alternate Ventilation Design
  • Ammonia Equipment Outside the Machinery Room
  • Machinery Room Design
  • System Contaminant Removal – Purging, non-condensables, and water
  • Refrigerated Air Make-up units – Standards, Safety, Risk Analysis
  • Comparison of Relief Valves, Rupture Discs, and a Combination thereof
  • Changes in IIAR-2
  • Mitigation Methods for Ammonia Releases
  • Trancritical CO2 clarifying ASHRAE 15 9.2.6 Language
  • Review of Compliance Inspectors Check List Items

Proposals are requested for technical papers that define ideas and techniques that have been applied successfully.  Abstracts that address any an all topics related to ammonia refrigeration are invited.  Abstracts that focus specifically on the underlying science and technology of ammonia refrigeration will receive preferential consideration.