U.S. EPA GreenChill Program

GreenChill is an EPA partnership with food retailers to reduce refrigerant emissions and decrease their impact on the ozone layer and climate change. GreenChill’s goal is to provide food retailers and other industry stakeholders with information and assistance to help them:

  • Transition to environmentally friendlier refrigerants
  • Reduce the amount of refrigerant used by stores and eliminate leaks, and
  • Adopt green refrigeration technologies and environmental best practices.
Through GreenChill, industry stakeholders are able to do the following:

  • Access Information and Best PracticesGreenChill provides industry stakeholders with access to a range of resources, guidelines, and tools related to food retail refrigeration. These include reports, best practices guidelines, fact sheets, tools, and calculators.
    • EPA hosts monthly GreenChill webinars that provide industry stakeholders with information about environmentally friendlier refrigerants, refrigerant leak prevention and reduction, green refrigeration technologies, and environmental best practices.
    • GreenChill’s Linked In group is a valuable source of industry news and information.
  • Save Money: Refrigerant leaks hurt food retailers’ bottom lines. Through GreenChill, industry stakeholders can share tips for reducing costs to replace leaked refrigerant and avoiding expensive maintenance and repairs that come with leaky systems. GreenChill tools, such as the GreenChill Financial Impact Calculator, can help industry stakeholders assess and interpret the benefits of refrigerant leak prevention and management.
  • Build Networks: Industry stakeholders can establish valuable connections with supermarkets, equipment manufacturers, refrigerant producers, service contractors, and EPA through GreenChill webinars, industry events and conferences, and the GreenChill’s Linked In group.
  • Certify Stores and Earn RecognitionGreenChill’s Store Certification Program recognizes individual stores for using environmentally friendlier commercial refrigeration systems. A food retail store can achieve platinum–, gold–, or silver–level certification. Any food retail store in the United States, whether in the design phase, remodel phase, newly constructed, or fully operational, can apply for GreenChill store certification. The process is free, quick, and easy.

Join the GreenChill Partnership to Access Additional Benefits!

GreenChill partners receive additional benefits that are not available to other industry stakeholders, including:

  • Individualized annual analyses of refrigerant use, emissions rates, and other metrics over time, with comparisons to other partners and industry benchmarks.
  • Access to exclusive partner roundtable discussions about issues related to food retail refrigeration.
  • Recognition at GreenChill’s Annual Environmental Achievement Awards.
  • Assistance in developing refrigerant management plans and goals.

Learn more about becoming a GreenChill partner here.