Water Contamination in Ammonia Refrigeration Systems


This webinar is designed to help you understand that water contamination of the refrigerant accumulating over a long period of time can be common in an ammonia refrigeration system.
The solubility characteristics of ammonia in water allows an aqueous solution to be formed, which is Ammonium Hydroxide.
This webinar reviews the adverse effects of changes from water dilution to the ammonia refrigeration system if not removed.
Water contamination sources, detection, measurement, as well as, energy costs and savings from its removal are reviewed.
The webinar will conclude with five (5) Key Take-Aways.



Tony Lundell, CIRO, PMP

Director of Standards and Safety

IIAR (Alexandria, VA)



After attending this session, participants will be able to….

• Review and gain an understanding of water contamination in ammonia refrigeration systems and how it changes the ammonia refrigerant’s characteristics.

• Understand what adverse effects can result to the ammonia refrigeration system from water contamination.

• Recognize sources of water contamination and how to safely detect, measure, and remove it.

• Along with the water contamination’s adverse effects, be able to estimate compressor capacity and coinciding energy penalties due to the estimated level of water contamination determined to be in an ammonia refrigeration system and provide justification to remove it.

4/22/2020 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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