Our commitment to our international members

IIAR’s international programs are managed and implemented by IIAR’s international staff and the volunteers serving on IIAR’s International Committee (IC) in accordance with the goals set by the Board of Directors.  

IIAR International MISSION: Promote the safe and efficient use of Ammonia and other natural refrigerants through membership and participation in the IIAR, the distribution of IIAR Standards, Training materials and Safety publications directly or through alliances with refrigeration organizations globally. 


Our International Activities

IIAR International programs are centered in:
  • Ensuring availability of Standards, guidelines and best practices in the Natural Refrigeration Industry for International Members.  IIAR standards and industry guides have been translated into Spanish & Mandarin with more translations under way. 
  • Increasing International membership by building up the range of tools and resources.  Monthly webinars in English, as well as bimonthly webinars in Spanish language are currently offered.  Wherever they are, our International Members can catch up with the last webinars here!
  • Creating and delivering education programs to support National and International Professional development.  IIAR Academy of Natural Refrigerants offers courses in Spanish language; and IIAR International Chapters develop educational seminars yearly in several host countries.  Check our International events page!
  • Developing constructive and influential relationships with International Organizations within the industry.  IIAR cooperates with allied associations throughout the world to promote the safe and efficient use of natural refrigerants in industry and commerce.
For more information about our international programs, contact [email protected].