IIAR's Allies Around the Globe

Memorandums of Understanding provide the basis for relations with the allied organizations. The goal of these MOUs is to develop and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship in order to promote the safe and efficient use of technology using ammonia and other natural refrigerants.  The elements of the alliance relationship described in these agreements include:
  • the exchange of association news publications,
  • representation at key events of the other association,
  • potential for agreements for access to IIAR publications and training materials,
  • regular communications to establish and execute initiatives that benefit both organizations,
  • and --in some cases-- working together on planning regional meetings.

Asia Pacific

James Harrison Centre
Level 3/1 Elizabeth St Melbourne Vic 3000
Phone: (03) 8623 3000 
President: Ian Hardwood
Chief Executive Officer: Tony Gleeson
WEB: https://www.airah.org.au/
MOU Press Release

Chinese Association of Refrigeration
10/F., Yindu Mansion, No. 67 Fucheng Road,
Beijing 100142, China 
Phone: +86-10-68420686, 68719976 
Email: car@car.org.cn 
Website: www.car.org.cn


c/ Diego de León, 50
Madrid, 28006
President: Roberto Solsona Caballer
Manager: Manuel Lamúa Soldevilla
Deputy Manager: Felix Sanz del Castillo
Tel: 00 34 669 057 659
WEB: http://www.aefyt.es/
MOU Press Release


Lyoner Strasse 18, D-60528
Frankfurt, Germany
Managing Director: Robert Hild  
Chair: Michael Freiherr  
Phone: +49 (0)69 6603 1277
E-mail: Robert.Hild@eurammon.com 
Website: www.eurammon.com

Institute of Refrigeration
76 Mill Lane, Carshalton, Surrey, UK
Tel +44 208 647 7033
Email: ior@ior.org.uk
Website: www.ior.org.uk

South and Central America and the Mexico Regions


Calle 70 No. 12 - 85 Bogotá,
President: Rodrigo Pinzón
Phone: +57 1 805 3139
E-mail: acaire@acaire.org
Website: www.acaire.org

Cámara Chilena de Refrigeración y Climatización
Avenida Bustamante 16, 2-C, Providencia.
Santiago de Chile
President: Alejandro Requesens P.
Phone: +56 - 2204 88 05 / 2341 49 06 / 2209 60 08 
E-mail: info@cchryc.cl
Website: www.frioycalor.cl

Colegio de Ingenieros Electricistas, Mecánicos e Industriales de Costa Rica

United States

1791 Tullie Circle, N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30329 
President: Timothy G. Wentz
Phone: +1 404 636-8400
Website: www.ashrae.org 

Global Cold Chain Alliance
1500 King Street, Suite 201
Alexandria, Virginia 22314
President & CEO: Corey Rosenbusch
Phone: +1 703 373 4301
E-mail: email@gcca.org
Website: www.gcca.org  
Refrigerating Engineers & Technicians Association
PO Box 1819
Salinas, CA 93902
Executive Director: Jim Barron
Phone: +1 831 455-8783
Website: www.reta.com